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Polaris HR are an established HR practice whose purpose is to help Companies and individuals navigate difficult employment decisions at this time.  For example you may be under pressure to reduce employee costs or you may be experiencing redundancy for the first time.  Either way, we can help you through this process.  A key objective of the legislation is to find ways to avoid redundancies and we will work closely with you in mind.

  • Your case will be assessed for fairness and arguments you can deploy.

    45 min

    175 British pounds
  • Leveraging your experience and transferable skills to create a new CV

    30 min

    100 British pounds
  • Navigating your future with confidence

    45 min

    149 British pounds
  • Unleash your inner strength to take you forward in a powerful way

    1 hr

    999 British pounds
  • Take control of your internal world

    2 hr

Business Meeting

Planning Session

Expert Guidance

Established since 2013 Polaris HR has worked with clients across industries such as financial services, government, healthcare, education and media providing personalised, expert and independent insights on employment issues. We can help you to set up a compliant and fair process, provide you with individual and tailored case support, work with you to find business opportunities to avoid redundancies and/or mitigate their effects.  We take pride on going that extra mile to work things through until you are satisfied with the outcome. 

We provide our clients with a free no obligation 1st session taking time to listen to the challenge, and we will give you an idea of how we can support you.


Getting your programme right

Doing the right thing

Running a business or continuing to work under the risk of redundancy can be tricky.  At Polaris HR we will help you with setting the right tone at a sensitive time so that you can continue to operate in the circumstances.  This includes running your business in the knowledge you are complying with employment legislation, keeping the communication channels open, and supporting those affected in the best possible way.  Polaris HR can help you navigate this process by designing, and helping you run with, an end to end process.