Polaris HR is a global consulting firm, which began life in 2013.  We are seasoned HR professionals with decades of experience across:

  • Financial services including fintech and IT

  • Government

  • Media

  • Insurance

  • Education 

  • Healthcare

  • Professional services

  • Retail

We have worked with SMEs, larger corporates, third sector and Government and served as Chairs and Committee Members with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Through our practice and research, we have observed that HR has become an industry with its own lexicon and a focus on perpetuating '80s models of performance management, talent matrices and convoluted processes that operations managers see as tick-box exercises.  Whilst apps and Enterprise Resource Management Systems are changing the terrain rapidly, many of the models are still being used even codified into HR information systems, due to this mindset challenge. 

Therefore our assignments have focussed on increasing the relevance and effectiveness of HR by integrating it with the other key functions of a Company, training those undertaking HR tasks on the commercials including: 


  • Financial and production targets 

  • Drivers of revenue 

  • Cost realisation

  • Profit maximisation

  • Cultivating an inclusive language 

  • Adopting an outside-in approach

  • Creating compelling interactions with people including customers, workers, suppliers

thereby converting a fixed view of HR as a transactional service into a more expansive and business focussed outlook, so leaders are able to leverage HR practices to deliver value for their business.

busy office

Our twin focus embedded in our service delivery model includes coaching leaders on how to become powerful advocates for change by breaking through limiting beliefs, taking massive action, but with a people first, process second approach.  We find leaders that embrace this way of operating are seen as inspiring, authentic and empowering by their people.  Once we have achieved this goal we set about ensuring any HR practices are future fit, so they are not cumbersome or burdensome but agile.  In other words, our philosophy is if a process is not adding value then change it (unless it is mandated by law), and if the advice is not solving a problem find a way to find the right solution.

The ambition that has emerged is to reduce complexity, the pain of unnecessary process and save time for our clients in terms of process, whilst driving value by adding people practices that focus on driving business success.  The success of our clients is ours too, and we secure a sustainable future based upon being a valued and long-term business partner.