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Thinking about your energy flow = productive happiness

The advent of Zoom has overtaken the office meeting, but this can lead to a different type of strain and anecdotally employees are reporting their wellbeing has been adversely affected. Taking time out to think about you is key. One way of doing this is think about how your energy flows throughout the day by plotting a waking hours graph with an x axis of 1 hour units and a y axis of 1-100 with 100 your peak state. Circle the areas in which you are sitting between 80-100 and use these times to conduct your high energy routines such as leading a lunch and learn session, presenting to a client or motivating your team. Think about how you can boost your energy levels through a 5 minute meditation exercise where you observe your state without grasping onto your thoughts. Deconstruct and boost your energy flow and plan your time around this is a winning strategy!