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2021 - 'Take it by the Horns!'

A very Happy New Year to you!

With all the trials and tribulations of 2020 we are looking forward to a great year in 2021! We, at Polaris HR have been thinking carefully about how we can best serve our community in 2021, so we have put together a snapshot of our activity to date as well as a sneak preview of what is on our agenda (so far) this year. We hope you will benefit from these initiatives. We look forward to serving you!

New Linked In Community - 'Powerful HR insights for Leaders'

We have launched a new Linked In community area: 'Powerful HR insights for Leaders'. The purpose of this group is to build a community of leaders providing insights on people-related matters in an accessible and meaningful way. This includes the A-Z of HR issues, using transformational coaching tools, wellbeing, and setting up and deploying an effective HR strategy. If you are interested in joining please have a peruse on https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12497136, and direct message me if you would like to join.

Spotlight on Wellbeing

Wellbeing is now the number 1 go-to issue on the HR agenda for 2021. According to a recent HBR broadcast

(https://open.spotify.com/episode/1bpwxMJJAHlfnsK8Dx50f3?si=Pr6xYVUsRSe56VTViBjA9A) this is the year that we start to take mindfulness, meditation, and our sleep routines seriously. 2020 provided us with the opportunity to rediscover the basics (virtual or in-person) in life like being with family, cooking with friends, appreciating nature, and taking stock of life, so this is a real opportunity to build back better by focusing on complementary and well thought out holistic wellbeing practices. We believe this is so important it will lead to an uptick in 'make or break' decisions which could mean unwanted resignations, a potential source of litigation for falling short of health and safety and/or employment legislation, as well as a major factor in deciding whether to accept or decline an employment offer.

In our regular website blog we have provided some thought leadership pieces in this area, aimed at switching you into the right state and injecting a sense of optimism for the road that lies ahead:




We appreciate that striking the right tone with your wellbeing practice can consume valuable resource, so at

Polaris HR we can take this off your hands, and you can be reassured that we will curate an engaging wellbeing narrative to reposition, repurpose and revitalise your Company in 2021. Please get in touch for an informal no-obligation chat if you would like to explore further.

'HR on a Platter' Podcast Series

We will be launching our new podcast series 'HR on a Platter' in February this year. Our aim is to narrate fictitious stories from the world of work to illustrate the business and personal consequences of HR decision-making. The podcast will benefit those who want to increase their knowledge, understanding, and confidence in dealing with employment issues in a productive and meaningful way.

World-Class HR Resources in our Membership Area

We are working on our membership area on the Polaris HR website to offer exclusive content to members as we build back better. Members will benefit from a range of templates and other useful material to stay informed, take action, and feel in control of employment matters. More to follow in our next update.

HR leading in the moment: 'The Real Deal' Virtual HR Conference

At Polaris HR we are advocates for great people experiences that lead to transformation and long-term fulfillment at work. In today's volatile environment we need to be quick on our feet. Therefore, as we get back to basics we are excited to bring our community 'The Real Deal' virtual HR Conference so you can lead in the moment. We will be delivering material in an innovative way to equip delegates with:

  • Compelling narratives to deliver on-point messages for the virtuous leader.

  • Techniques to assume an 'in the zone' assured state of mind to inspire confidence from others.

  • Achieving breakthrough by adopting hot seat coaching skills.

  • Handle difficult situations with poise and success.

  • Plan and pivot with an engaging mindset.

There will be more to follow on the conference on our next update.

Pro Bono advice and support

We believe in giving back. We are mindful that in these turbulent times people need help with unexpected HR decisions particularly in the area of redundancy and career pivoting. Therefore we are offering up to 1 day of support each month of 2021 pro-bono advice and support on a personal HR matter. Please get in touch if you are interested.

We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to read through our update and look forward to serving you in the year ahead.

With Kind Regards,

The Polaris HR Team.

Your guiding light to a better future.


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