Newton's Pendulum

Our bleeding-edge learning interventions have been designed to provide you with 'in the moment' experiences that cut deep into your neurological pathways, to aid a 60% increase in learning effectiveness.

We offer the following proprietor packages to our clients:

Director's Cut of our 'HR on a Platter' Podcast Series

Our team of script-writers and production crew pull together scenarios from our extensive podcast library and curate exclusive episodes according to your unique circumstances.  Based on your learning outcomes we will design a unique and highly powerful experience with your chosen delegates acting as Directors to cut and rework scenes with our actors to bring about the desired transformational learning.   Your executive team is brought into the production to reinforce Corporate and HR messages. 

Your out of the box Chatbot

Our minds are overcluttered in this day and age, which can be overwhelming and delay active decision-making.  We offer a service where we co-design a chatbot that can access the right 'go-to resources in the moment, that are designed with brevity, clarity, and effectiveness in mind. We will streamline your key documents into a quick-read format.  We evaluate and modify the chatbot based on the survey results of users.

Virtual Conferences

We surface some of the thought leaders in your Company, and co-curate with your talented people to deliver conferences to share knowledge and insight.

We partner with you to deliver conferences which can range from recruitment assessment days, supplier and customer networking, product showcases, and recognition events for your people to name but a few.

Augmented Reality Solutions

We work with our partners to provide scenario-based training based on your requirements in the HR field, providing role play AR solutions with powerful sentiment analysis.  For example, a manager may have to undertake a high-risk conversation with an employee, and there is not time to train or provide advice.  This go-to resource inserts the manager into a bespoke simulation to practice and pick up the key language, tonality, and process.  We work with you to build up critical simulations to reduce your risk exposure, build capability, and protect your key resources.